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Technical Specifications

Product Name

Monoglass®Spray-On Insulation, Glass Fiber Insulation Spray Applied for Thermal and Acoustic Applications.


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Product Description


Monoglass®Spray-On is intended for use in residential and commercial construction, for use as a thermal and acoustic insulation. It can be sprayed onto most surfaces, in wall and ceiling applictaions.


Monoglass®Spray-On is made from 37% recycled glass, is inorganic, non-toxic, odorless,and white for high light reflectance.Monoglass®is a noncombustible product, and contains no cellulose or asbestos. The polymer adhesive used to apply Monoglass®Fiber is water based and nonhazardous.


Monoglass®bonds to concrete, wood, steel, gypsum, rigid fiberglass, plastic insulations and most painted surfaces. The pneumatic application allows it to be spray applied to virtually any surface configuration.


Maximum thickness to be spray applied on overhead surfaces without mechanical support is 127mm. Higher R-Values can be achieved with mechanical support, contact Monoglass® Inc. for details.

Maximum thickness to be sprayed on vertical surfaces without mechanical

Monoglass®Adhesive must be kept from freezing.Monoglass®cannot be applied when ambient and substrate temperatures are below 1ºC / 34ºF during the application and until the product is completely dry to the substrate. Adequate dry heat and ventilation must be supplied at low temperatures.Monoglass® Fiber should be kept dry during shipping and storage prior to installation. support is 178mm.

Technical Data


American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM):

  • Fire Hazard ASTM E84-79: Flame Spread = 0, Smoke Developed = 0
  • Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518: K-Factor = 0.25
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient ISO 354: NRC .75@25.4mm NRC .95@50.8mm ASTM C423-77: NRC .55@0.7” NRC .80@35.56mm
  • Dry Density ASTM D1622-83: 3.0 pounds/cubic foot
  • Non-Combustibility ASTM E-136-82: Non-Combustible
  • Air Erosion ASTM 859: No Weight Loss
  • Adhesion/Cohesion ASTM E-736-86: Passed
  • Fungal Bacterial Resistance ASTM G-21-90: No Growth


  • GreenSpec Approved Product
  • National Building Code, Canada: CCMC 10025-R
  • Canada Board of Steamship Inspection
  • New York State Building Standards:MEA 333-88M
  • State of California: CA-T318CN
  • British Standard: BS-476 pt4
  • International Marine Organization: ISO 1182:1990
  • South Africa Bureau of Standards and International Standards Organization: Thermal, Acoustic & Non-Combustibility

Monoglass®Spray-On shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, using only Monoglass® Bonding Adhesivewith Monoglass® Fiber. Contact Monoglass®Inc. for further details. Monoglass®can be applied to most surfaces, however all surfaces should be inspected to ensure they are dry, clean, free of oil, grease, dirt, loose paint, mill scale or other deleterious material that would impair bond or cause staining of the product. The Monoglass® surface can be left untamped for conventional finishes or tamped and over-sprayed for flatter finish.
Monoglass®can also be applied with Monoglass® pre-tinted adhesives, or painted to the desired colour.

Availability & Cost

Monoglass®Spray-On insulation is available throughout the United States and Canada, and many countries worldwide. Contact Monoglass®Inc. for the names of contractors and Monoglass®Agents in your area.

Technical Assistance

Please contact Monoglass®Inc. or your Monoglass® Agent for technical assistance, complete product literature and test reports.