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Technical Specifications

  Selection and Specification Data
Product Name WeatherBloc Thermal Insulating Coating
Product Number WB GEN2
Generic Type Water-based Acrylic Residential/Commercial Insulation Coating
Description WeatherBloc coating is one-part water based acrylic comprised of air-encapsulated, insulating particles that produce thermal insulation-like qualities. It is specifically designed for roottops, warehoused, barns, storage areas, mobile homes, portable buildings, residential homes, trailers, containers, coolers, walls, and sheds.
  • Excellent solar reflectance
  • Excellent anticonduction factor
  • Excellent application characteristics
  • Fast recoat times
  • Helps deaden sound
  • Applies to almost any surface
  • Low permeability
  • Low VOC product
  • Helps to seal
  • Provides anti-condensation protection
Gloss Flat
Color White. Custom tinting can be done at special request.
Priming Self-priming over non-ferrous materials (stainless steel & aluminum). Primers are required for carbon steel substrates.
Topcoats Please call.
Wet weight 6.10-6.30 lbs/gal
Weight dry
film to area
0.045 lbs/ft2
(0.217 kg/m2)
Volume Solids Content 72-75%
Coat Thickness
70o-130oF 20-22 mils WFT
21o-54oC mm WFT)
Practical Wet
Coat Coverage
60-70 ft2/gal @ 20mils
(1.62 m2/liter @ 0.5 mm)
Practical Dry
Coat Coverage
47-52 ft2/gal @ 20mils
(1.17-1.27 m2/liter @ 0.5 mm)
VOC Content Low VOC
Limitations Applications should not exceed 200oF (93oC) sustained or peak areas above. Do not subject wet coating in pail format to freezing conditions.
  Substrates & Surface Preparation
Surface Prep Surface should be dry and free of foreign matter. Surface prep can be used to NACE 1-3 (SSPC SP 5-6) when applicable.
Ferrous Surfaces Should be primed prior to application of WB. Since the coating is water-based it is important to have a boundary layer of protection to eliminate flash rusting affect.
The coating can be applied directly to nonferrous surfaces. Surface should be cleaned and free of oil, dirt or any other foreign matter.
  Application Equipment
Listed below are the general equipment guidelines for the application of this product.
Airless Sprayer
Pump Ratio: 33:1 or larger
Volume: 1.5 gallons or greater
Hose: 3/8″ or larger with no more than 3′ of 1/4″ whip. 1/2″ hose recommended for length above 50′.
Top Size: .017″ (for tight spots)
.019-.023″ (for normal use)
Pressure: Minimum of 3000 PSI
Small Spray Application Please consult Mascoat for this sprayer. This gun is excellent for small applications & touchups.
Brush Brushing is only recommended for small areas or for use as a touchup of less than 0.5 ft2 (0.04 m2). Brushing can inhibit coating performance. Please consult Mascoat for detailed instructions.
Roller Not recommended for this coating.
  Application Conditions
Surface temperatures for applications should be 40oF (15oC) or above. Lower surface temperatures will increase dry times.
Applications Ambient & Cold (40o-139oF, 4o-60oC): For temperatures (surface or ambient - whichever is lower), an initial tack coat is recommended of 10 mils (0.25 mm or 250 microns). This tack coat will help to eliminate sag on vertical wall applications. Tack coat should be dry to touch prior to next pass. Typical coat thickness should not exceed 20-22 mils (0.50-0.55 mm) wet. Coating can be recoated after each coat is thoroughly dry.

Hot: (Above 140oF, >60oC) Application of WeatherBloc should be applied as per Mascoat detailed hot application instructions. Please consult manufacturer.
Application Thickness Product can be applied in successive coats to increase insulation ability. There are no upper limits of total film thickness.
Dryfall Make sure to mask any area prior to application. Dryfall occurs within 3′ radius (1 meter).
  Other Coating Specification
Item English Value (Metric Value) Test Method
Cyclic Salt Fog Passed 2000 hrs ASTM B-117
UV-A Exposure Passed 2000 hrs ASTM D-5894
Humidity Cabinet Passed 2000 hrs ASTM D-4585
QUV Passed 2000 hrs ASTM G154
Cross Hatch Adhesion 100% 5 B ASTM D-3359
Pull apart strength 300-340 psi ASTM D-4541
Elongation Rate Above 600% ASTM D-638
Thermal Conductivity 0.660Btu-in/ft2-hr-oF
(0.097 W/m/K)

(0.0130 W/m/K)

ASTM C-117

RvE Testing

Emmitance 0.9 - Hemispherical 300K Calculated
Reflectivity 0.76 E-903
Transmittance 0.00 Calculated
Absorptance 0.23 Calculated
Flame Spread 5 ASTM E-84
Smoke Developed 5 ASTM E-87
Cone Calrimeter >6 ASTM E13B4 - 97
Mixing Only a mud mixing paddle should be used. Use 1/2″ drill motor to stir contents with paddle. Make sure drill is set to reverse setting to insure that the paddle will not mar the bucket’s inner wall. Please consult Mascoat for paddle, if needed.
Thinning Thinning is not normally needed in most applications. Thinning should not exceed one quart per five gallon pail for high temperature applications. Please consult Mascoat for specific instructions, if thinning is desired.
Pot Life Coating is one part, so no catalization is needed. Pail can be reused if properly sealed.
  Package, Handling & Storage
Container 5 gallon pail
(18.92 liters)
Container wet
Weight with pail & lid
5 gallon pail
(18.92 liters)
Net Contents 31.0 lbs
(14.06 kg)
Flash Point
Storage Product should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a climate controlled warehouse of 50oF to 110oF (10oC to 43oC).
Shelf Life One year shelf life from manufacture date.
Caution Do not let product freeze.
  Cleanup & Safety
Cleanup Equipment may be cleaned with soap and water.
Safety Half-face respirator recommended with ammonia cartridge or better. Eye protection recommended.
Ventilation Recommended for constricted areas.
Caution This material is not for human consumption.
Clothing Safety clothing & gloves are recommended.
  Other Coating Specification
Surface Temperature % Humidity Time btwn Coats (hr)
50-60 oF (10-15oC) 10-30% 6.00
31-50% 8.00
51-70% 10.00
>70% 12.50
61-70 oF (16-21oC) 10-30% 4.00
31-50% 5.50
51-70% 6.50
>70% 8.00
71-80 oF (22-26oC) 10-30% 2.00
31-50% 3.00
51-70% 3.50
>70% 4.00
81-90 oF (27-32oC) 10-30% 1.50
31-50% 2.00
51-70% 2.50
>70% 3.00
91-100 oF (33-37oC) 10-30% 1.25
31-50% 1.50
51-70% 1.75
>70% 2.00
101-110 oF (38-43oC) 10-30% 0.75
31-50% 1.00
51-70% 1.25
>70% 1.75
111-120 oF (44-49oC) 10-30% 0.75
31-50% 1.00
51-70% 1.25
>70% 1.50
121-130 oF (50-54oC) 10-30% 0.50
31-50% 0.75
51-70% 0.75
>70% 1.00

Use 90o thumb or moisture meter prior to recoat to insure coating is dry. This is the estimated dry time for 15-20 mils of WB wet. Dry time may vary depending on other conditions such as wind or enclosed environments. The times are estimated dry times. Lighter thickness passes will expedite dry times. Forced ventilation in confined areas will also expedite dry times.

  Curing Schedule
Temperature Cure Time
50-60oF (10-15oC) 60-72 hrs
61-70oF (16-21oC) 48-60 hrs
71-80oF (22-26oC) 36-48 hrs
81-90oF (27-32oC) 20-24 hrs
91-100oF (33-37oC) 18-20 hrs
100oF> (37oC >) 60-72 hrs