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Sonoglass is a fibreglass based, spray applied acoustical treatment designed to provide superior acoustical values with a finished appearance. Manufactured by Monoglass, Sonoglass has over 30 years of success behind it. As a spray applied product, Sonoglass will adhere to almost any surface configuration. This makes it ideal for applications to curved and irregular shaped ceilings such as Churches, gymnasiums and theatres.


With only a thin application of Sonoglass, noise reverberation times can be greatly reduced, improving audibility and comfort at a reasonable cost.


Sonoglass has been tested to the following standards:


ASTM C423:

     NRC of 1.0 @ 1.7″

     NRC of 0.75 @ 0.8″



     Smoke developed classification = 0

     Flame spread classification = 0


ASTM C-518

     Thermal resistance R 3.733/inch


Sonoglass is a great choice for finished exposed applications. It comes in standard white, or can be tinted or painted with standard latex paint.


For areas that require extra durability Sonoglass can be protected with our INSULSEAL Protective Coating. INSULSEAL provides a resilient for areas where occassional physical contact may occur, and is a great choice for gymnasiums and schools. Best of all, tests show that when INSULSEAL is applied in a moderate thickness, the NRC ratings of Sonoglass are not affected.


For projects requiring a finished appearance and superior NRC values, Sonoglass is the perfect choice. For your next project, make Sonoglass the silent solution.  

This seamless system is for acoustic applications for controlling sound in buildings with a problematic noise environment. Sonoglass acoustic applications carry a high STC (sound transmission class) and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) in reducing noise reverberation over the entire frequency ranges (Hz). Sonoglass has low compressive strength glass fibres to produce noise reduction coefficients greater than many other insulations and uses minimal application of acoustic Sonoglass coating (compared to other insulators) and comes in four standard colours for a finished applied acoustic insulation.

Applications: offices and retail shops, auditoriums, theatres, factories, gymnasiums and sports facilities, restaurants, night clubs, television and film studios.