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  • Forget...Conventional Batts, boards, foams,Cellulose sprays........Monoglass is the future Insulation


                                 Monoglass spray-on fiberglass thermal/acoustic insulation


    The all 'New', green efficent Monoglass insulation, is know available in Australian. Monoglass thermal/Acoustic  'Spray-on' insulation is the latest  Eco  Friendly (49% recycled glass) seamless applied (no gaps,total sealing of building structure) thermal insulation system available, that has high thermal 'R' values (R1 to R6, meets Australian Standards ASTMC518-04) is applied slimmer than most (space saving advantage)and carries no-flame or smoke spead. But the big bonus in this product is the incorporation of an Acoustic (sound deadener) combined in the thermal product which you get for free!!!  TWO IN ONE....Thermal + Acoustic spray-on Monoglass will give you much more than conventional insulations products, that dont give you the latest advancements in technologies.  

    Monoglass thermal/acoustic spray-on insulation, is an advancement to cellulose sprays,batts & boards, as our modern "slim" seamless applied product, gives you the added advantage of insulating in areas of space limititations within your single or multi-storey building, Example:Internal roof voids, under-floor insulating (concrete slab or timber floors), insulating concrete tilt-up walls & gyprock/plaster walls etc. Monoglass is a two part product which combines white, non-combustible, inorganic,elongated glass fibers with non toxic,formaldehyde-free polymer binder.  It is spray applied in a quick, one pass application to achieve (36mm for R1, rating) and upto 127mm,with no mechanical support (mesh'es,wire restraints etc) required. Seamless (No gaps) around all services.

    Monoglass'es other product advantages include, 'No' chemical additives (such as the chemical,'Borat' bad enviromental product) which is used in cellulose applications to control pests & mould growth, were as Monoglass insulation is inorganic and will not support insects or mold growth naturally, has no chemical addidtives. Monoglass is naturally non-combustible (ISO 1182), with '0' Flame spread, '0' Smoke developed and '0' Fuel contributed (ASTM 84), while the Monoglass sprayed  product, after application will not slump or gap (unlike batts that leak costly thermal air containment) Monoglass products air erosion also has a Zero mass loss to its advantage.

    Monoglass thermal has a combined 'Acoustic' element attached, in providing another big advantage of using our advanced product over conventional insulation materials.  Acoustic (sound deadening) is combined in our spray-on thermal insulation so you can also control sound within your partioned walls, between floors, hallways, required specific quiteness in movie/conferance rooms, offices buildings, underground carparks under your building, houses close to main roads, apartments, hospitals, schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, factory offices, night clubs, theatres, television and film studios. 

    Monoglass thermal insulation carries a high NRC (noise reduction coefficient) and high STC ratings (sound transmission class) greater than many other insulations, and couple this with a huge enviromental green recycled glass product content of 49%, gives Monoglass many advantages over conventional insulations and in most cases, cost per square metre will cost you a lot less both in material and labour costs savings.


    More Monoglass thermal / acoustic technical product details can be found on the  Monoglass index of this web site.