Thermatec Technologies: Leaders in Spray Insulation

Energy Efficient Spray-On Insulation


A coating specifically designed for thermal insulation and anti-condensation applications.

For the past ten years, Mascoat Marine’s multiple-purpose coating has been solving painting and insulating problems for marine vessels. During this time, Mascoat Marine has provided thermal insulation and anti-condensation protection on vessels in waters ranging from arctic to subtropical. Typically applied to 40 mils (1.0mm), this coating provides similar insulating capabilities to 2″ (50mm) of a thermal blanket with an R11 value*. Applied by airless sprayer, brush, or roll method, Mascoat Marine can be a very cost-effective way to insulate the shell, stiffeners, and overheads for thermal and anti-condensation control. The coating can be sprayed in a fraction of the normal pin and blanket insulation installation time, thereby expediting the vessel’s construction time frame.

Applied like a paint, Mascoat marine provides dramatic temperature differentials for its thickness. The coating is comprised of a microscopic match-formulated matrix of air-encapsulated ceramic particles held in suspension by a high-grade acrylic binder. The product is VOC-friendly, non-toxic, non-combustible, and water-based.

Mascoat has been a well-proven means of insulation and protection in variety of unforgiving atmospheres. The product has been tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most criteria for weather-ability, adhesion, flexibility, and UV resistance. Its bead-structure composition will perform for the life of the vessel.

Where to use, specifics, and advantages: Most often, Mascoat Marine is used instead of or as an enhancement to conventional pin and blanket insulation in both new and refurbished vessels. In addition to working on sidewalls, overheads, and stiffeners, it works on tanks or anything else that needs insulation combined with anti-corrosion and anti-sweat protection. The coating is normally applied from 20 to 60 mils (0.50 to 1.50 mm) depending on vessel usage. Peak temperature swings are radically reduced, which keeps environments more pleasant. As a byproduct, Mascoat Marine also contributes to decreased sound levels inside the vessel and provides an excellent vapor barrier, increasing the intensity of substrate protection and eliminating, or at the very least strongly reducing, sweating caused by condensation.

Radiant heat and retention protection: Mascoat Marine has been used on areas that need either radiant heat protection or thermal protection for energy radiant heat protection or thermal protection for energy efficiency and protection of personnel. The coating can be built up with repetitive applications, providing increased insulation. Barges and storage devices now have an effective way to insulate without the worry of environmental elements that may destroy conventional insulating systems. This means that cargo holds and void areas are protected and insulated for years to come.