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Mascoat Industrial


Mascoat Industrial is used for thermal retention, personal protection, and anti-condensation. The coating is capable of producing dramatic temperature differentials on surfaces from sub-zero to 260ºC. This coating is Class A fire rated and considered a fire retardant by Lloyd’s register.
Applications: pipes, valves, holding tanks, boilers, heat exchangers

The features and benefits of Thermatec’s Mascoat insulation give the potential for large cost savings in installation, energy savings and on-going maintenance as well as meeting OH&S standards.

  • Mascoat is applied in a seamless spray method, which eliminates the problem associated with condensation build-up.
  • Mascoat is durable for 5-10 years under non-aggressive environments, which provides maintenance cost savings.
  • Mascoat is a class 1 fire rated, non-flammable product with a smoke free index of 5. In a fire situation no toxic fumes or smoke are generated.
  • Mascoat can be applied at surface temperatures between 20oC and 140oC, which precludes the need to shut down plant during installation.
  • Mascoat has an operating temperature range of -50oC to +240oC and easily withstands harsh environments and wide thermal fluctuations.
  • Mascoat, once applied, is virtually maintenance free for the life of the product providing for potentially large cost savings.
  • Mascoat resists chemical splashes that may deform or affect the insulation performance of other products.
  • Mascoat can be applied directly to most surfaces including concrete, wood, PVC, aluminium etc. without the need to prime (carbon steel excepted).
  • Mascoat allows for simple visual inspections negating the expense of dismantling insulating materials.
  • Mascoat can be top coated with epoxies, alkyd and acrylic products to provide colour coding or brand matching.
  • Mascoat is a weatherproof coating that prevents the ingress of moisture and negates the need for sealants.
  • Mascoat can be installed in extreme environments and is able to withstand wind speeds above 240 Kph and is not damaged by airborne debris.
  • Mascoat is applied with a uniform coating thickness that avoids hot spots and vertical pipe heating.
  • Mascoat is environmentally friendly and is not hazardous to personnel due to its non-volatile, non-toxic food grade components.

Mascoat is used in 32 countries and has approval from ABS, US FDA, Binks Cross-reference, Cage Code, DNV, Lloyd’s Fire, Lloyd’s Certificate, NKK (Japan) and USCG.