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Technical Specifications

Master Data Sheet for Mascoat~dB Sound Damping Coating
Item English Value Metric Value Test Method Notes
Coverage 50 ft2/gal @ 20 mils 1.3 m2/liter @ 0.5 mm Internal Wet film
Container 5 gallon Aprox 20 liter   US gallon pail
Wet Film Thickness 0.202″ = 20 mils 0.50 mm   Wet film thickness
Color White, Grey, Black White, Grey, Black    
Component Parts Inclusive Inclusive    
Pot life None, one part None, one part    
Base Formulation Water base acrylic Water base acrylic    
VOC Content 0.0 lbs/gallon 1.0 grams/liter EPA method 24  
Weight 13.35 lb/gal 1.60 kg/liter   Wet weight
Weight dry 0.31 lbs/ft2 1.46 kg/m2   60 mil (1.5 mm) thickness
Binding structure Water, Acrylic emul 1.46 kg/m2   60 mil (1.5 mm) thickness
Boiling Point Does not boil Does not boil Setaflash Coating hardened
Weight non volatiles 84% 84% ASTM D - 2369  
Volume Solids 58-60% 58-60%l Internal Draw down
Vapor Density >1 >1 Calculated  
Evaporation Rate <1 <1 Calculated  
pH 9.3 9.3 Calculated  
Aging study pending   ASTM B - 117 No detrimental affects
Cyclic Salt Fog pending   ASTM D - 5894 No detrimental affects
QUV pending   ASTM G - 154 No detrimental affects
Application Temp. 50-250+oF 10-110oC Internal  
Operating Temp. Up to 350oF Up to 176oC Internal  
Cross Hatch Adhesion 100% 5 B 100% 5 B ASTM D - 3359  
Pull apart strength 450+ psi   ASTM D - 4541 Cohesive failure
Elongation Rate 1/8″ Mandel bend 1/8″ Mandel bend ASTM D - 638 Tested at 70oF
Flame Spread 5 5 ASTM E - 84  
Smoke Developed 5 5 ASTM E - 87  
Decibel decrease 60 mils (1.5mm) Average 12 dB Loss   Loss Beam Factor aluminum plate
Decibel decrease 40 mils (1.0mm) Average 5 dB Loss   Loss Beam Factor aluminum plate
Loss beam factor performed at Noise Control Engineering across frequency of 188-1000 hz.
Packing and Storage Mascoat~dB should be kept in a storage area above 32F (OC). Product can be reused if sealed correctly. It is best to keep the container out of direct sunlight for sustained periods.
Surface Preparation
For aluminum and stainless surfaces:
Clean surfaces prior to application of Mascoat.
Slight sanding or grinding can be used to give product tooth.
For Carbon steel surfaces:
Use primer capable of the highest peak temperature.
Zinc and epoxies usually perform best in higher temperatures and industrial type environments. Please contact Mascoat if a primer is needed.
Methods of application:
Spraying: Use airless spray methods as defined by recommended sprayers.
SA Gun for small applications.
Rolling: Use low to medium mat roller.
Brushing: Use nylon of bristle brush capable of water based coatings.