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GreenSpec, LEED and Recycled Content

Monoglass® is made from a combination of post consumer recycled glass and recycled manufacturing glass. The total volume of post consumer material is not less than 25%. When this is combined with the recycled manufacturing waste, the total recycled content of Monoglass® is not less than 37%. Monoglass® has been installed in educational facilities, community centers, hospitals as well as a variety of other locations where environmental responsibility and product safety are of high concern.

What makes Monoglass® Green?
  • The high R-value of Monoglass® is in itself part of the reason Monoglass® is considered a green product. By virtue of being a good thermal insulator, Monoglass® reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to heat a building, thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses that are put into the atmosphere. In addition to this, the heating costs for the building are reduced.
  • As an inorganic, naturally non-combustible material, Monoglass® needs no additional chemicals to reduce flammability.
  • Monoglass® does not support the growth of mold/fungus, eliminating the need for chemical fungicides.
  • As a white product with high light reflectance, Monoglass® reduces the amount of energy required to light an area. The high light reflectance also provides a safer environment at night.
  • The PVA binder used in the Monoglass® application has only trace VOC emissions. When applied, the amounts of potential VOC emissions are approximately .000053% by weight.

Monoglass® is designed with the environment in mind. We believe that we all have a duty to be responsible to the world we inhabit. Our efforts in this area will continue and we will enhance the “green” attributes of Monoglass® whenever possible.

Monoglass® is a Building Green approved product.

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